Grow Revenue, Increase Operational Efficiency,
and Improve Customer Experiences
By unifying Marketing, Media, Sales and Service
through the industry’s most robust and dynamic voice marketing platform.

Drive Breakthrough
Marketing Results.
By unifying Marketing, Media,
Sales and Service.

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Are you ready for better results from your marketing? Learn how Time Life and Intelemedia use voice marketing to improve marketing, sales and service.

About Intelemedia

We are a voice marketing software company that unites Marketing, Sales and Customer Service into one cohesive team, empowering them to optimize growth and profitability with every voice interaction along the customer journey. We accomplish this by integrating telephony and data technologies to tell our clients exactly who is calling, why they are calling, and specifically how to best interact with each caller. We tell:
Where the best leads came from, what journey they took and what type of content they should present.
Which call center agent is best able to sell or serve each caller, and what message, pricing, and options to present.
Who is calling, why, and how to best strengthen a consumer's loyalty.
We love creating raving fans for our clients, which in turn creates raving fans for Intelemedia. We welcome you to become our next raving fan!