The sky is the limit
with your call center performance
Make adjustments on the fly and surpass
your call center performance goals.

The sky is the limit
with your call center performance
Make adjustments on the fly
and surpass your call center
performance goals.


Helping clients handle call spikes

Most teleservice environments are not designed to handle large call spikes — whether responding to calls from a national direct marketing campaign or handling a critical customer service problem. We have a solution! HomeQ solves this inbound call center challenge. Rather than asking callers to hold until a live agent is available, they can opt-in to receive an outbound call as soon as an agent is available at the live call center. With HomeQ we lessen or eradicate call spikes, allowing agents to talk with more customers. The net results are reduced call abandonment, lower cost per call, increased revenue and profits. Everybody wins.

HomeQ is fully integrated

When Intelemedia is linked directly to all telemarketing call center environments — your existing call centers as well as our call centers — HomeQ monitors real-time live agent capacity and invites callers to participate on an as-needed basis. As soon as the telephone call center is no longer overwhelmed with calls, HomeQ places outbound calls to the callers who requested the service. If callers are unreachable, pre-scheduled outbound dialing will create multiple call attempts over multiple days.

HomeQ has comprehensive reporting

Online reporting (accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection) tracks HomeQ call performance throughout the day giving you nearly instantaneous breakdown of your telemarketing service call center’s performance. Initial inbound and outbound data are shown separately but can be viewed under one HomeQ Performance View.

HomeQ Case Study

In one implementation of HomeQ, our direct response client was purchasing local cable spots and unable to generate enough call volume for a successful direct marketing campaign. When they tested national buys, it produced sufficient call volume, but the call centers were unable to handle the call spikes and created a 60% caller abandonment rate. HomeQ solution! When the company employed HomeQ during national media buys, they reduced their cost per call and significantly reduced call abandonment.
  • 30% additional sales leads
  • 20% reduced cost per order
HomeQ was the key enabler to generating the profitable growth this customer desired.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Whether you are selling a product via direct marketing or providing customer service, interactive voice response systems may be the most effective communication channel. Our state-of-the-art IVR service encompasses the four features critical to delivering maximum performance.
Speech recognition

Speech recognition

We utilize state-of-the-art speech software to maximize your caller communication experience and ability to get the answers they need quickly.

Back office integration

Back office integration

We integrate our IVR systems with your back office and CRM databases. The IVR provides calls with the most up-to-date and accurate information available. We utilize the caller’s automatic number identification (ANI) for an immediate link to the appropriate database of information for the caller. We present the right information to the caller.

Reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics

When utilizing an IVR as part of your communication channel it is important to know where callers are abandoning or being transferred. We provide detailed reports, informing our clients not only how the IVR is performing, but where the interaction is strongest and weakest. Also we identify what communication is most frequently requested which allows you to make improvements in your customer experience program.



Scripting is managed using our proprietary Web-based scripting platform. Intelemedia’s business engine agent scripting system drives post routing computer telephony integration ( CTI). It allows telephony control based on logic from within the script itself. Agents can have control of all aspects of the call such as transferring, putting the caller on hold and even conferencing in another agent or supervisor. Since this is driven by the logic in the script, it provides the highest level of flexibility and level of abstraction by not making the agent remember a complex list of steps to perform certain tasks.

The business engine is a multi-tiered platform delivered to agent via a Web application, typically invoked as part of the call center’s CTI systems or directly from Intelemedia when used with DRCM. The application is designed using an XML-based language, called BEML. The business engine can update databases and perform extended logic and data transactions, such as Targus address lookup based on the caller’s telephone number, as well as custom transactions against external data sources and Web sites.

Script performance testing

Intelemedia scripting platform provides a script library consisting of historical scripts, offers, and script versions available on the library shelf.

For true A/B testing, Intelemedia offers a powerful feature called Dynamic Offers. Dynamic Offers allows our clients to easily change the offer within a script and establish key granular testing criteria such as; date range in which to run the offer, number of times which the offer is to be presented, media source or station IDs the client would like the offer used on, selecting which call centers or performance groups will use this offer, presenting the offer only to callers in certain states or geographic regions, and more. Contact us if you need more detail.

After running the offer, the performance data of the script version can be analyzed to determine if a performance lift was achieved. If so, the client can strategically activate this script using the same criteria provided above.

Imagine having the ability to provide top performing agents with one script version, and lower performing agents with a less challenging offer to sell.

Customer feedback

At Intelemedia, we realize the importance of customer satisfaction and embrace it by offering multiple methods to collect customer feedback on your call center performance. We make it easy to answer the critical question: Which investments in product and/or service quality will generate the greatest return on investment?
We offer three different data collection platforms:

  1. Inbound automatic transfer
  2. Inbound agent transfer
  3. Outbound transfer

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