Lessons from Time Life and Intelemedia

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As marketers and agencies, we talk about customer experience as “engagement” and “storytelling,” but most of us remain behind our computers and never actually talk to our customers. If we did, we’d find that the most valuable insights come through real voice interactions – conversations focused on understanding what inspires them to purchase, repurchase and tell all their friends.

In this webinar, Time Life and Intelemedia discuss how “human touchpoints” can be easily implemented into your existing marketing programs to provide much greater value than you’re getting today.

Topics discussed:

  • How mobile devices are disrupting and redefining the ways customers engage with brands
  • The big gains in customer experience voice marketing makes throughout the customer journey
  • How marketing without voice options wastes marketing spend and loses sales
  • How voice marketing creates customers for life by becoming "relational" instead of "transactional"
  • How to install a voice marketing platform to introduce "human touchpoints" into marketing

Examples of results:

  • Up to 33% lower media cost per order
  • Up to 35% increase in conversion rates
  • Up to 18% increase in average sale amount
  • ...and more
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Your Speakers

Michael Furman

Director of Customer Care at Time Life

Michael Furman has an extensive background in the call center environment and nearly a decade of customer care experience. He provides knowledge of managing, training, developing, and motivating call center teams. He has actively developed and implemented programs that improve call center efficiency and has worked with call centers on domestic and international training.

David Schreck

CEO, Intelemedia

As president and chief executive officer, David is responsible for the strategic product roadmap, client relationships and overall business management. He brings a wealth of experience integrating technology, sound business processes and strategic sourcing and is the driving force to the success of Intelemedia’s call center services. David’s approach to “client-centric” teams focused on understanding and meeting customer needs has created a track record of developing high demand products.

Doug Klein

Managing Director, StudioGood

Doug is a 20-year marketing and agency executive. In his tenure he has created the Cisco Newsroom, run digital marketing for Canon, and CRM for Princess Cruises. He has led strategy for over 50 brands and designed customer engagement and integrated marketing for B2B and B2C companies that have included Hewlett Packard, Yahoo, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and Silicon Valley startups.