Intelemedia Announces Next Generation Self-Service Scripting Platform for Rapid Response A/B Testing and Scripting Adjustments

New online scripting functionality quickly provides A/B testing environment and scripting adjustments across multiple call centers simultaneously

Plano, Texas, September 18, 2013 – In response to customer demand, Intelemedia has launched an upgrade to their online scripting platform, optimizing scripting enhancements and A/B testing scenarios simultaneously in multiple call centers. Clients now can set up A/B testing scenarios, review real time results, make script changes on the fly and improve sales results instantly across one or multiple call centers. This new feature now is available to all customers using Intelemedia’s online hosted CRM scripting tool.

In the competitive marketplace of Direct Response Marketing, continual testing of offers and price points is critical to obtaining optimal financial returns. Sophisticated marketers need the ability to test consumer reaction to new offers, price points and the product sales pitch and, more importantly, an ability to make changes in product offers on the spot, impacting sales immediately. In the past, A/B script testing has been a time intensive function, requiring significant interaction between the marketers and call centers. This was especially true when utilizing multiple call centers. Each call center required scheduling of back office IT support to initiate any change. Test results from each call center were then returned to the client during their standard reporting cycle. This process encompassed too much time and money, therefore, severely constricting the number of changes or A/B tests clients could conduct.

Marketers employing Intelemedia’s online hosted scripting tool provide agents a popup script identifying what to say and what data to capture based on who is calling and the various scripting options the marketer is looking to test. The added value of Intelemedia’s tool is that clients using multiple call centers have just one infrastructure servicing all agents at every call center with one single infrastructure aligning all parties. Script changes occur instantly at all call centers without waiting for each individual call center’s back office team to make the change. More importantly, clients can make these changes themselves online. Client A/B testing and changes now take seconds instead of days.

Besides the ability to make instant scripting changes, Intelemedia’s online platform provides clients immediate feedback on testing and updated product offer results. Clients can conduct real time testing of various offers at one or many call centers and begin seeing results instantly. The reporting is integrated and provided back to the customer in real time eliminating the need to consolidate multiple reports for analysis. Once a better offer is tested and identified as successful, the new offer can be rolled out to all call centers with the touch of a button – no more waiting for lengthy and costly back office updates which can delay implementation.

In addition, clients can make as many script changes as they want, as often as they want, and store all prior scripts in their history.

“While working with clients, we began to understand the industry had a gap in efficiently adjusting current scripts and testing sales scripts; watching clients struggle with implementing script changes and gaining timely customer feedback, we knew we wanted to give clients a better system,” explained David Schreck, CEO of Intelemedia. “We understand that clients use research to make decisions about compelling offers and sales projections. The more quickly we provide testing scenarios, and changes to the script, the more valuable it is to our clients. We work closely with our clients to understand how they manage their businesses, then focus on adding functionality to improve their environments even more. We are pleased to provide another tool to grow their businesses.”

“We use Intelemedia’s platform and hosted scripting as a key component of our teleservices solution,” stated Carole Spencer, Vice President of Marketing, Children International. “Their suite of reports and tools allow us to better manage our multi-call center environment. Utilizing their self-service scripting platform has increased the value they bring to our organization. With Intelemedia, you get proven services, great people, innovative products and quantifiable results. Self-service scripting is yet another example.”

For the past 20 years, Intelemedia has been servicing the outsourced teleservices market space. In addition to hosted scripting platforms, Intelemedia provides reporting, analytical insight, call routing and IVR services all on one platform uniting multiple call centers.

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Intelemedia improves sales results and enhances customer experience for clients by offering a new breed of call center services that combines an industry-leading technology platform uniting top performing agents from multiple call center companies. One contract, one platform, one invoice makes it easy for companies who want actionable reporting and analytics, and only the best-of-breed agents on their programs. Since 1993, Intelemedia has developed elegant telephony and database solutions for the call center industry that transform how organizations more effectively manage call handling and caller experience within their customer service and sales acquisition environments. Intelemedia is privately held and located in Plano, Texas. For more information,

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