Intelemedia Improves Conversion Rates for Teeter Hang Ups®

Teeter Hang Ups chooses Intelemedia for integration of multi-call center environment

Plano, Texas, October 29, 2013 — Intelemedia was selected as the teleservices call management services vendor for Teeter Hang Ups, the market leader in inversion tables. As the longest continuous manufacturer of inversion products in the world, Teeter Hang Ups is experienced in direct response marketing and continues to look for ways to improve sales and profitability. The company wanted to take advantage of multiple call centers to improve sales conversions and reduce abandoned calls. Intelemedia provides specialized multi-call center routing, reporting and management services along with Intelemedia’s hosted scripting environment that puts all the call centers on one uniform script. Intelemedia’s Leader’s Choice program was the perfect solution for the challenges Teeter Hang Ups was facing.

Jory Rosen, with the J. Rosen Group, explained, “We use a different call center for each media buy, determined by long form commercials or short form commercials, but in a complex environment of many different call centers with different strengths and processes, we needed a vendor to manage the call routing efficiently. When we signed up with Intelemedia, we immediately added two more call centers.” He continued, “We’d heard from others in the industry about Intelemedia’s success integrating all call centers into one platform. We were intrigued – they offered not just routing, but also reporting and analytics all on one platform. That made everything easier to manage, and we received real information that was actionable.”

In the first month of the program with teleservices managed by Intelemedia, Teeter Hang Ups’ sales conversion rate increased by 2%. The second month increased another percentage point; the third month, yet another. Abandonment decreased as well – starting at 20% of calls abandoned due to long wait times, now running at 12% and headed to 10%.

How does Intelemedia deliver these results? First Intelemedia’s data analysis highlights friendly competition between the various call centers. An automated scorecard is created daily and weekly. The call centers see their ranking compared to their peers. An automated scorecard is reviewed with the client and the call centers. Since each sees how they rank compared to others on the campaign, all call centers push harder for improved performance. In addition, Intelemedia provides real time data to help every call center take advantage of their strengths.

Second, the sophisticated routing system determines how to leverage the best agents available. When media buys generate call spikes, calls are automatically routed to the best performing agent at that particular point in time. Media buys are scheduled throughout the day and routing assesses availability in real time, delivering each call to an available agent whenever possible. Moving more calls to higher performing agents across multiple call centers is a winning formula.

Another part of the program includes a weekly calibration meeting. The team reviews what is working well and identifies new opportunities for improvement. The client gets the information he needs to manage the call centers at his fingertips using live, real time data. In addition to overseeing the complex routing, the client can actively manage their program and improve their performance using tools like the staffing report and ranking reports. Intelemedia offers more than a collection of data; they highlight the key data points, indicate areas of opportunity and specify where to take action.

“We were looking for a sophisticated routing system to manage our environment with multiple call centers handling various media buys; what we discovered was more than a routing system. What distinguishes Intelemedia from other teleservices vendors is getting sophisticated routing, combined with online analytics: all the tools together in one platform delivering improved performance. These tools highlight what to look for and how to execute,” concluded Jory Rosen.

Intelemedia CEO David Schreck added, “As for all our clients, our goal for Teeter Hang Ups was to provide the routing, scripting and analytics tools, allowing their team to increase performance. We are pleased in the value our system is delivering for Teeter Hang Ups, a proven marketer with years of experience.”

Intelemedia’s Leader’s Choice program is a new breed of call center services that combines an industry-leading technology platform uniting top performing agents from multiple call center companies to improve sales conversion rates, enhanced customer experience and profitability. Leader’s Choice provides outsourced call center services to meet critical customer needs of increased sales results and enhanced customer experience. Along with the best multi-call center routing in the industry, Leader’s Choice offers a suite of profit-centric tools to boost revenue generated by the call center. Prospect Rescue, HomeQ, SalesPortal, IntelAlerts and uniform scripting are just a few. Intelemedia’s enhanced call routing sends calls to available agents, reducing wait times and call abandonment. In addition, Intelemedia’s deep dive reporting and analytics identify multiple variables that provide actionable steps clients can take to enhance their teleservices and, ultimately, their sales results. Multiple call centers are combined under one contract and one platform allowing clients to use the best of the best agents in each center.

Multiple call centers are part of Intelemedia’s multi-call center Leader’s Choice program. Since the inception of the program earlier this year, clients are achieving significant improvements in conversion rates and profitability.

About Intelemedia

Intelemedia improves sales results and enhances customer experience for clients by offering a new breed of call center services that combines an industry-leading technology platform uniting top performing agents from multiple call center companies.  One contract, one platform, one invoice makes it easy for companies who want actionable reporting and analytics, and only the best-of-breed agents on their programs. Since 1993, Intelemedia has developed elegant telephony and database solutions for the call center industry that transform how organizations more effectively manage call handling  and caller experience within their customer service and sales acquisition environments. Intelemedia is privately held and located in Plano, Texas. For more information, please visit

About Teeter

With over 2 million users, Teeter Hang Ups leads the inversion market as the definitive inversion products brand. Founded in 1981 by Roger Teeter, Teeter is the longest continuous manufacturer of inversion products in the world. Teeter Hang Ups are rated by Dynamark Engineering as the best inversion table for endurance, strength, function and ease of assembly, and only Teeter tables are quality-assurance tested to ULs inversion table safety standard. Visit

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