Never worry about control
Your dashboard goes where you go
With an always-on, online command center
you're able to track and make adjustments
from anywhere in the world.

Never worry
about control
Your dashboard goes
where you go
With an always-on, online command
center you're able to track and make
adjustments from anywhere
in the world.


Intelemedia reporting provides key data and metrics across campaigns, test programs, media buys and call centers. Whether you are in Marketing, Media, Sales or Customer Service, we provide the critical information that allows you to quickly make decisions. Your reports are customized, visual-enhanced views of key indicators such as total calls, calls serviced, call abandonment, call conversion, call disposition, revenue per call, agent conversion rates and more, all providing precise metrics for what is happening at a campaign level, individual call center level, groups of agents within a specific call center, and individual agent level. You can even customize delivery to be daily or in real-time.

Custom alerts

Performance alerts notify designated personnel when events occur based on pre-established business rules. Clients establish the event rules and who receives the alert.

Historical reporting

Intelemedia provides a broad offering of historical reporting for both customer service and customer acquisition applications. Clients opt for standard online reports or use our self-service tool to select the data fields you wish to view and create your own reports.

Online command center

Take charge of your multi-call center environment. The Intelemedia command center allows you direct online access to standard reporting, creation of custom reports, detailed voice marketing analytics, current call activity view, creation of route plans development, and instant implementation of route plans. We offer you tools to manage your existing call centers, our call centers, or a combination of call centers. Be fully aware and completely in charge of your call center environment.

Real-time data

The online command center presents real-time data as we track each campaign's progress converting prospects to customers and customer to loyal patrons. You can watch call activity as it is occurring: the current position of each call, where calls are arriving from, who is caring for your customers and prospects, handle time, results, and much more. As a client you have a direct view into the call activity across your entire teleservices environment...all in one centralized tool.

Call recording

Intelemedia provides call recording as an add-on feature. The real power behind Intelemedia initiating the call recording is in the following areas:

  • We provide unfiltered recordings
  • We provide a robust search engine to efficiently access recordings to identify where agent training may be required and determine best practices in call handling techniques.
You can search by:
  • date and time
  • call ID
  • media source
  • individual call center
  • individual agent
The search criteria—along with the detailed level of data Intelemedia provides — creates a very powerful tool for identifying problem areas and areas of opportunity across your entire call center environment.

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Intelemedia has managed advanced call centers for more than two decades. Our proven tools are used by some of the biggest names in the industry. Whether you continue with your existing call centers, combine your call centers with ours, or use our call centers exclusively, our data insight can boost your revenue.