The Value of Human Touchpoints: For Marketers

You’ve lost control. Customers now define your brand through experiences they have with you and your brand ambassadors. In fact, it’s reported that by 2020, customer experience will even replace price and product as the key brand differentiator. So if you aren’t focusing on providing human touchpoints in the awareness and research phase of the customer journey, offering immediate assistance during the sales process, or learning from customer interactions with agents to improve campaigns and digital content, you risk driving nearly 90% of your customers to your competition.

Voice marketing plays the greatest role in improving all of these areas. Why? Because customers still prefer to talk to a real person when researching products, completing orders, getting delivery updates and requesting service. In fact, 83% of customers require support during their research and purchase phase, and expect assistance within minutes. With over 60% of your media being consumed on mobile devices, a simple click-to-call feature routed to the best available agent in the country can not only increase conversion rates by up to 50%, but result in higher order values and customer satisfaction that produces a 70% repurchase rate. Marketing without a voice presence today just no longer makes sense.

Spotlight on Results

Teeter Hang Ups, the market leader in inversion tables, is always seeking ways to improve their sales and profitability. Since they are very experienced in direct response marketing, they saw the potential in a well-executed voice marketing program, and gave Intelemedia the opportunity to manage their teleservices. Key results include:

  • Increased sales conversion rate by 2% in Month 1
  • Increased sales conversions another 1% in both Month 2 and Month 3
  • Abandonment started at 20% due to long wait times to 12%
  • Abandonment continuing to drop to 10% (a 50% improvement overall)

You can Read the whole case study here.


Actions for Marketers and Agencies

You can’t afford to ignore the impact customers have on defining how they want to engage with brands. Growth and market share will very quickly belong to those enlightened companies who:

  • Analyze customer journeys to identify where to introduce click-to-call and inbound self-service options to shorten sales cycles
  • Use call intelligence to determine the best performing channels and campaigns that result in sales, upsells and resales
  • Re-engineer customer service to connect customers to the best assistance available, greatly improving customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and advocacy

Ready to Apply Human Touchpoints to Your Marketing?

Join "The Value of Human Touchpoints" Webinar presented by Time Life and Intelemedia on October 1, 2015, where we will discuss real-world examples of how one-on-one conversations with your customers can be easily implemented into your existing marketing programs, providing much greater value than you’re getting today.

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