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Make adjustments on the fly and surpass your call center performance goals.

Intelemedia’s INsight, Call Management Solutions Delivers the INsight You’ve Been Looking For.

Voice Interactions



Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Whether you are selling a product via direct marketing or providing customer service, interactive voice response systems may be the most effective communication channel. Our state-of-the-art IVR service encompasses the four features critical to delivering maximum performance. 

Speech Recognition – We utilize state-of-the-art speech software to maximize your caller communication experience and ability to get the answers they need quickly.

Back Office Integration – We integrate our IVR systems with your back office and CRM databases. The IVR provides calls with the most up-to-date and accurate information available. We utilize the caller’s automatic number identification (ANI) for an immediate link to the appropriate database of information for the caller. We present the right information to the caller.

Reporting and Analytics – When utilizing an IVR as part of your communication channel it is important to know where callers are abandoning or being transferred. We provide detailed reports, informing our clients not only how the IVR is performing, but where the interaction is strongest and weakest. Also we identify what communication is most frequently requested which allows you to make improvements in your customer experience program.

Scripting Platform

Intelemedia reporting provides key data and metrics across campaigns, test programs, media buys and call centers. Whether you are in Marketing, Media, Sales or Customer Service, we provide the critical information that allows you to quickly make decisions. Your reports are customized, visual-enhanced views of key indicators such as total calls, calls serviced, call abandonment, call conversion, call disposition, revenue per call, agent conversion rates and more, all providing precise metrics for what is happening at a campaign level, individual call center level, groups of agents within a specific call center, and individual agent level. You can even customize delivery to be daily or in real-time.Scripting is managed using our proprietary Web-based scripting platform. Intelemedia’s business engine agent scripting system drives post routing computer telephony integration (CTI). It allows telephony control based on logic from within the script itself. Agents can have control of all aspects of the call such as transferring, putting the caller on hold and even conferencing in another agent or supervisor. Since this is driven by the logic in the script, it provides the highest level of flexibility and level of abstraction by not making the agent remember a complex list of steps to perform certain tasks. 

The business engine is a multi-tiered platform delivered to agent via a Web application, typically invoked as part of the call center’s CTI systems or directly from Intelemedia when used with DRCM. The application is designed using an XML-based language, called BEML. The business engine can update databases and perform extended logic and data transactions, such as Targus address lookup based on the caller’s telephone number, as well as custom transactions against external data sources and Web sites.

For true A/B testing, Intelemedia offers a powerful feature called Dynamic Offers. Dynamic Offers allows our clients to easily change the offer within a script and establish key granular testing criteria such as; date range in which to run the offer, number of times which the offer is to be presented, media source or station IDs the client would like the offer used on, selecting which call centers or performance groups will use this offer, presenting the offer only to callers in certain states or geographic regions, and more. 

After running the offer, the performance data of the script version can be analyzed to determine if a performance lift was achieved. If so, the client can strategically activate this script using the same criteria provided above.


Imagine having the ability to provide top performing agents with one script version, and lower performing agents with a less challenging offer to sell.

Customer Feedback

At Intelemedia, we realize the importance of customer satisfaction and embrace it by offering multiple methods to collect customer feedback on your call center performance. We make it easy to answer the critical question: Which investments in product and/or service quality will generate the greatest return on investment? 

Our survey options are versatile and allow for question randomization, on-the-fly quota adjustments, skip patterns and complex triggering rules.

Within complex triggering rules, we are able to send instant notifications based on predefined events, which can be helpful in generating sales leads.

In addition, we offer multi-level secure voicemail access that is available 24×7 allowing you to hear a customer’s tone and inflection.

Intelemedia offers three different data collection platforms:

  1. Inbound automatic transfer

  2. Inbound agent transfer

  3. Outbound transfer

Customer Feedback

INsight – HomeQ

Helping Clients Handle Call Spikes – Most teleservice environments are not designed to handle large call spikes — whether responding to calls from a national direct marketing campaign or handling a critical customer service problem. We have a solution! HomeQ solves this inbound call center challenge. Rather than asking callers to hold until a live agent is available, they can opt-in to receive an outbound call as soon as an agent is available at the live call center. With HomeQ we lessen or eradicate call spikes, allowing agents to talk with more customers. The net results are reduced call abandonment, lower cost per call, increased revenue and profits. Everybody wins. 

35-40% of callers, when asked, elect HomeQ

60-80% of HomeQ callers connect with an agent

Most HomeQ calls are returned within 1-hour

INsight HomeQ Case Study

In one implementation of HomeQ, our direct response client was purchasing local cable spots and unable to generate enough call volume for a successful direct marketing campaign. When they tested national buys, it produced sufficient call volume, but the call centers were unable to handle the call spikes and created a 60% caller abandonment rate. HomeQ solution! When the company employed HomeQ during national media buys, they reduced their cost per call and significantly reduced call abandonment.

• 30% additional sales leads

• 20% reduced cost per order

HomeQ was the key enabler to generating the profitable growth this customer desired.

Fully Integrated –  When Intelemedia is linked directly to all telemarketing call center environments — your existing call centers as well as our call centers — HomeQ monitors real-time live agent capacity and invites callers to participate on an as-needed basis. As soon as the telephone call center is no longer overwhelmed with calls, HomeQ places outbound calls to the callers who requested the service. If callers are unreachable, pre-scheduled outbound dialing will create multiple call attempts over multiple days.

Comprehensive Reporting – Online reporting (accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection) tracks HomeQ call performance throughout the day giving you a nearly instantaneous breakdown of your telemarketing service call center’s performance. Initial inbound and outbound data are shown separately but can be viewed under one HomeQ Performance View.

Prospect Rescue
Abandoned calls are always an issue, so we’ve developed ways to maximize every call for our clients. Prospect Rescue, utilizing our call management platform, records and captures every abandoned call. This enables us to initiate an outbound calling program later, connecting missed leads with higher performing agents when they are available. 

API Integration – Intelemedia integrates with many third-party databases as well as client proprietary databases, typically XML Rest, XML Soap, or a Web-services variation API. In most cases, clients grant Intelemedia permission rights for access to integrate with the API often via a url-password protected site.

Alerts – Performance alerts notify designated personnel when events occur based on pre-established business rules. Clients establish the event rules and who receives the alert.

Prospect Rescue
Online Management Tools


NEVER WORRY ABOUT CONTROL. Your dashboard goes where you go.

With an always-on, online command center you're able to track and make adjustments from anywhere in the world.



Intelemedia reporting provides key data and metrics across campaigns, test programs, media buys and call centers. Whether you are in Marketing, Media, Sales or Customer Service, we provide the critical information that allows you to quickly make decisions. Your reports are customized, visual-enhanced views of key indicators such as total calls, calls serviced, call abandonment, call conversion, call disposition, revenue per call, agent conversion rates and more, all providing precise metrics for what is happening at a campaign level, individual call center level, groups of agents within a specific call center, and individual agent level. You can even customize delivery to be daily or in real-time. 

Custom Alerts – Performance alerts notify designated personnel when events occur based on pre-established business rules. Clients establish the event rules and who receives the alert.

Historical Reporting 
– Intelemedia provides a broad offering of historical reporting for both customer service and customer acquisition applications. Clients opt for standard online reports or use our self-service tool to select the data fields you wish to view and create your own reports.


Online Command Center 

Take charge of your multi-call center environment. The Intelemedia command center allows you direct online access to standard reporting, the creation of custom reports, detailed voice marketing analytics, current call activity view, the creation of route plans development, and instant implementation of route plans. We offer you tools to manage your existing call centers, our call centers, or a combination of call centers. Be fully aware and completely in charge of your call center environment.

Real-Time Data
The online command center presents real-time data as we track each campaign's progress converting prospects to customers and customer to loyal patrons. You can watch call activity as it is occurring: the current position of each call, where calls are arriving from, who is caring for your customers and prospects, handle time, results, and much more. As a client, you have a direct view into the call activity across your entire teleservices environment...all in one centralized tool.

Call Recording – Intelemedia provides call recording as an add-on feature. The real power behind Intelemedia initiating the call recording is in the following areas:

  • We provide unfiltered recordings

  • We provide a robust search engine to efficiently access recordings to identify where agent training may be required and determine best practices in call handling techniques.

You can search by:
  • date and time

  • call ID

  • media source

  • individual call center

  • individual agent


The search criteria—along with the detailed level of data Intelemedia provides — creates a very powerful tool for identifying problem areas and areas of opportunity across your entire call center environment. 

Command Center
Call Recording
Enhanced Rounting


NO CALL ROUTING PROBLEMS ARE TOO COMPLEX. We'll work with you to establish an intelligent and sophisticated call routing plan.

Call Strategies

Call Delivery Strategies

Once call routing methodologies are established, add value by defining sophisticated business rules behind the call route plan. Business rules become the enablers for increased teleservices performance.

Media Source Routing

Priority routing based on the performance of a media assignment. This is often used for sales acquisitions and designed to automatically route certain call types to various agents or priority within routing based on the previous performance of the media.

Agent-To-Call Routing

Automatic and dynamic routing based on matching agent skill set and performance to individual call types.

Concierge Routing

Routing prioritization and the delivery point of the call is determined for each call base the automatic identification of the caller’s propensity to buy.

Trouble Alert Call RoutingThe system identifies repeat callers and through historic databases, predicts if this caller is having difficulty resolving their issue. For customer service environments, the system tracks caller call activity and determines if a caller should be routed to a specialized group based on their most recent call activity.

Call Control – Our platform accommodates multiple changes in call routing at the click of a mouse. Each customer sets up a password-protected Web user interface. Clients can easily implement changes to current routing strategies, implement new routing strategies for testing, and make immediate modifications to routing plans in the event of an emergency. This tool allows clients to change every aspect of their routing plan, including wait-time-in-queue thresholds at each call center, prioritization of call delivery at both a call center and individual agent performance group level, or to completely remove a call center from the routing plan if needed. These changes implement immediately after the selection on the portal.

Agent Availability Routing – Intelemedia confirms agent availability before releasing a call into a telemarketing call center. If no agents are available in the first call center in the route plan, the system immediately checks the second center for agent availability. At no time do calls leave the master queue unless an agent is available immediately.


Intelligent Call Routing

Maximizing your call center environment begins with a routing platform that has the flexibility and capability to implement sophisticated route plans specific to your business needs. We offer a wide variety of call routing options. No matter the option, we become your centralized master queue with a signaling system established between all the call centers: yours and ours. This signaling system allows us to understand and leverage agent availability across all call centers at all times. 

InQ Routing

Our system delivers calls to each inbound call center queue, while constantly monitoring the speed of time from call center queue to agent. The system adjusts routing between call centers dynamically, based on wait time in each queue parameter. If at any point in time all inbound call center queues are at capacity, our system is the master queue and waits to route the call to the first available call center’s queue based on the client objectives.Both intelligent call routing and InQ routing provide the finest combination of call center outsourcing integration, and the speed to determine what call centers have immediate agent availability to take a call. 

Session Initiation Protocol – Depending on the client and inbound call center capabilities, Intelemedia is able to route calls utilizing traditional time-division multiplexing (TDM) processing or session initiation protocol (SIP) technologies. In cases where one call center can accept SIP and another TDM, both can be accommodated into one network of telemarketing service call centers.

Call Rounting
InQ Routing


TRACK DATA THAT DRIVES YOUR BUSINESS. In-depth reporting and accurate
information make key decisions easy.

Campaign Analytics

Campaign Analytics
Intelemedia provides one centralized dashboard for all your key reports and analytical tools — tools that incorporate all aspects of your business. Beyond the basic reporting of how a campaign is performing, we provide data about which media placements are delivering the most optimal leads, where "human touchpoints" are improving the customer journey, and what is driving the optimal cost per call and MER. More importantly, we can tell you what is happening behind these metrics. Whether the demand engine is digital, TV, radio, OOH or something else, you are able to generate custom reports to meet your requirements. You can then marry this data with the call center and agent performance metrics we provide in order to zero in on the operational drivers of campaign success.

Voice Marketing Analytics
Marketing and Sales need more than data — they need in-depth insight that is clearly understandable, quickly digestible, and available in real-time. This insight must consist of every possible factor that could affect results. Intelemedia’s reporting and analytics are built on this premise. We go beyond the traditional media, lead generation, and call center reporting, and instead serve up a series of predictive, historical and real-time metrics that illustrate what is driving successful KPIs. Teams can then quickly identify the real root causes of challenges and opportunities and take immediate actions. Whether you are the Marketing team looking to understand what demand engines and channels are performing best, the Teleservices team looking to gauge Sales performance, or the Executive looking to link all the data together, we provide the insights and specific data to unify all business functions with common data and decision-making tools.

Voice Marketing Analytics

Scoreboards and scorecards

How much time do you spend creating performance reports, analyzing them and determining a center's performance? In an advanced call center environment, we eliminate many of these activities through our automated scoreboards and scorecards. Our clients select key metrics and build customized performance scoreboards and scorecards. Each day, each week, each month, we automatically provide the centers and the client’s management team with actual performance against stated goals and compared to their peer call centers. Our clients spend their time discussing facts with their centers rather than verifying accuracy of data and putting together reports.

Centralized Multi-Call Center reportingOne of the difficulties managing multiple virtual call centers is uniform and consistent reporting. We solve this with our “gold standard” reporting package. All teleservice metrics are measured exactly the same way across all advanced call centers. We apply a 360 audit each day to verify reporting accuracy across all call centers. Finally, we store and present all data from one centralized repository. Uniform data definitions, 360 audit, and centralized reporting define our gold standard reporting.

Forensic data analysis

We apply a step-by-step analysis of your data to systematically evaluate what internal and external elements affect your performance. We determine what is running well and what needs to be adjusted. This provides a foundation to identify and then improve performance for our customers.

360 audit

For every call, we provide an audit trail from the moment the call hits our switch, to the final disposition of the call at each outsourced call center giving you complete confidence that all calls are reported, and reported accurately.

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