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Real-Time Inbound Call Scoring Platform

Improve your performance and your service with real-time inbound call scoring. Intelemedia provides a real-time inbound call-scoring platform that evaluates your calls and the service that you and your agents offer your customers so that you can improve that service.

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As a business, you interact with countless customers and other people every day. Your interactions with these customers are the bedrock of your success, and we want to give you the surest foundation that we can for you to build upon as you continue to serve your customers.

We believe that performance measured is performance that can be improved. With our real-time inbound call-scoring platform, we give you the data necessary to measure the performance of your agents and representatives as they interact with your customers.

Our inbound call-scoring platform automates the call-scoring process, which saves you time without compromising the integrity of the service that you provide. You can quickly evaluate the call performance of your agents and sales reps and discover where your employees need to improve and where their behavior deserves reward.

With real-time inbound call scoring, you have access to a quick, custom summary of all the calls that occur in your call center. We work with you to ensure that our platform brings you all of the details that you are looking for.

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Since 1993, Intelemedia has worked with business owners to develop sophisticated telephony and database solutions. Our real-time inbound call-scoring platform builds on our decades of experience integrating technology and sound business processes.

Our inbound call scoring uses our experience to bring you the information and data necessary for you promise your customers the best possible customer service.

Measure and improve your customer service with real-time inbound call scoring from Intelemedia. Call 800.300.2150 or complete our online form to get in touch with our professionals today.  

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