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Real-Time Call Routing

With real-time call routing, you can increase your business’s efficiency and provide better service to your customers. Intelemedia offers a real-time call routing platform that integrates into your existing software and phone system. We provide you with a variety of solutions that we customize for our specific situation.

Learn About Our Call Routing

We offer our real-time call routing platform for at least three broad types of call routing. Call routing is always designed to help your phone calls be more efficient and to help your employees provide better service to your customers.

Time-Based Routing


Our time-based routing focuses on helping you navigate calls for specific times. We help you take full advantage of your available staff. With time-based routing, you can even route calls to different locations depending on the time of day to ensure that your callers reach a real-life representative.

Skills-Based Routing


We also offer skills-based routing that uses data collection to route your calls to the most experienced representative. With skills-based routing, you can also gather appropriate information that may help you in other endeavors. Skills-based routing uses a variety of tools to determine which available agent is the most qualified, including product knowledge.

Round-Robin Routing


Our real-time call routing platform also allows for round-robin routing, which works to equally distribute calls among your agents or representatives. We recognize that to be most efficient, your calls should be distributed evenly among all of the agents.

We offer custom real-time call routing solutions that can integrate these different types of call routing. Our team works closely with you to bring you the best solutions for your specific situation, however we need to bring the solutions together.

Contact Us


Come to Intelemedia for all the real-time call routing solutions so that you can increase revenue, maximize conversion rates, and utilize each agent as efficiently as possible. Call 800.300.2150 to speak to our professionals today.

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