With 5-Star Callers you know the value of the caller before you answer your phone, so you never miss a top sales opportunity.


  • Knowing who is calling you before you even pick up the phone

  • Knowing how and where to best spend your marketing dollars

  • Being able to never miss a call with a potential top customer

  • Being able to match the best sales calls with your best salesperson

  • Having access to data that will make you more profitable

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We are all about phone-based interactions.

Our suite of proven tools and services are designed to increase, sales, profits, and efficiencies while enhancing customer experience.

We provide business owners a telephony-based call management service:

  • Knowledge of what advertising generates the best leads

  • Real-time -scoring for each call based on the anticipated value of the inbound calls - each call is ranked based upon a customized scoring system built for you

  • Alerts notifying you immediately of each inbound call

  • Calls routed to the best person to handle each call

  • Proprietary “Tele-Analytics” - online analytics and reporting, all real-time

Select the Services Important for you

  • Carrier Service: Competitive and fully redundant infrastructure, design to cost-effectively serve you and provide uninterrupted service  

  • Toll-Free & Local Phone Numbers: Thousands of toll-free and local numbers available to track your advertising dollars.

  • Predictive Scoring: Customized score for each incoming call that ranks quality of prospect….in real-time.

  • Call Routing: Allows you the business owner to determine where you want each inbound call routed.

  • Tele-Analytics: Online reports providing you insight into your customers, prospects, marketing efforts, and even agent performance.

  • Call Recording: Online recording of each call.

  • IVR: Self-service call triage.

  • Business Opportunity Alerts: Electronic notifications based upon business criteria important to you.  Decide who, when, and where alerts are sent

Watch the videos below to learn more about the features of 5-Star Callers.

Learn More About How 5-Star Callers Delivers The Most Valuable Callers Best Suited To Help You Grow Your Business.

Learn More About How We Score Calls In Real-Time.

Learn More About How We Deliver Alerts for High-Value Calls To You and/or Your Team.

Learn More About How Our Reports Deliver Actionable Data for You To Run Your Business.

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