We are all about phone-based interactions. IMAGINE…having the ability to immediately rank incoming calls. IMAGINE…instantly receiving critical data about each caller and your agents receiving this data as the calls arrive. IMAGINE…the ability to route the best calls to the best agents across separate call centers. IMAGINE….personalized messaging and offers to each customer. IMAGINE…online analytics and reporting, all in real-time. This is the Intelemedia INsight suite of technology products.

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Our proven tools and services have helped some of the industries biggest names boost their revenue. Our solutions offer real-time Real-time Predictive Scoring, Call Routing, IVR, Agent Scripting and Robust Reporting, all designed to increase, sales, profits, and efficiencies while enhancing customer experience. Boost your data and gain better INsight.



Our solutions can enhance vital areas of your customer and prospect phone interactions.

Increasing Direct Response Performance

At the time of each call, Intelemedia is allowing clients to know the quality of each caller and current ranking of available agents. With this knowledge, we are prioritizing the hold time and routing of each call. In essence, delivering, client’s their best opportunities first. Furthermore, we are instantly matching best calls with best available agents. 

Increase Average Size Of Orders

By instantly understanding the person on the phone, Intelemedia enables clients to customize their primary, upsell, and cross-sell offerings in real-time. Clients can automatically match and serve up the optimal products, packages, and pricing to each caller. 

Improved Customer Experience

A company’s reputation is only as good as the customer service they provide. Do your customers rave about their experience with you? Intelemedia’s Insight product set allows our clients establish positive customer experiences from the start. The combination of knowing who is calling, how best to communicate, what to offer, aligning the optimal agent, and intelligent routing greatly improves the chances of excellent customer experiences and ultimately driving lifetime fans.

Predictive Scoring Offering A Variety Of Opportunities

Intelemedia clients take advantage of Predictive Scoring throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Clients begin by analyzing and scoring their ongoing direct mail campaigns. By pre-scoring prospects, clients are eliminating 30 to 40 percent of their mailings while maintaining 90% of the revenue. The resulting financial gain is reinvested into other direct response campaigns. Clients score inbound calls from lead aggregators or their own media buys. Top prospects are routed to best agents, the balance to less expensive interactive channels. The results are reduced acquisition costs. For customer service, clients score their base of customers, and upon receiving calls, they prioritize calls in queue, understand best cross-sells to present, and route potential cancellation calls to their best retention representatives. Today is all about understanding a client’s best prospects, and how best to improve their interactions with those prospects/customers.


Pay-For-Performance Model: Guaranteed Results

We know the combination of our Insight suite of products and experience will deliver clients a positive ROI. We back this statement up by offering our customers pay for performance pricing. Our payment is earned from your increased profits!  With Intelemedia you pay for results!

Data Is As Important As The Call Itself

Managing your sales and customer service environment requires speed in decision making and access to the right data. Intelemedia focuses on delivering in-depth reporting analytics that is concise, pertinent, understandable, and actionable. All reporting is available online with a suite of standard and customized reporting packages.  The reports are geared to focus on the critical metrics, with an ability to dive deeper behind the metric to understand what is driving the result. Intlemedia clients spend their time making and implementing decisions, versus chasing the accuracy or looking for data. 


The quality of a company is often reflected by the clients they serve. Intelemedia drives success for some of the best...LifeLock, Time Life, Nautilus, St. Jude, AIG, AARP and many more.


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“The Intelemedia platform has helped us successfully meet our highest call demands and given us the opportunity to help more people every day.”

Mischelle Wieczorek
Executive Director of Operations
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